Our Specialization & Services

Construction Surveying

Measurements were taken while construction is in progress. Control elevation, horizontal position, dimensions, and configuration, as built data for project verification and essential dimensions for computing construction pay quantities.

Boundary Retracement Survey

Boundary surveys are used for locating lines and corners of tracts of land as per deed description in addition to locating improvements, easements, building lines, and encroachments found on the subject property. the corners of the property are physically located, and, if necessary, new corner monuments are installed. Stake surveys are recommended for real estate transactions involving complex commercial and industrial properties, and whenever the survey is to be used for new construction.

Topographic Surveying

Determining the configuration (relief) of the surface of the earth (ground) and the location of natural and artificial objects thereon.

Volume Calculations

Volume Calculations are primarily used in landfills in order to determine how much waste has already been placed in the landfill and to aid in the determination of when a new cell must be constructed for the landfill.

Construction Layout & Staking out

Construction layout & staking involves locating proposed improvements on a building site. Information from the project plans are transferred to a data collector, where it is taken to the field. The project is then laid out in full scale. This computerized method minimizes information transfer errors, resulting in a quality final product.

Survey Drafting Using CAD or Intergraph

Compilation and preparation of survey maps and engineering drawings using both manual and auto-mated methods.

Route Surveying

Locate, design and survey construction of roads, railroads, canals, pipelines, transmission lines or other linear facilities.

Geodetic Control

Establishing primary horizontal and vertical survey controls.

Building Permit Survey

Before receiving a building permit, it is required that a survey be performed. A Building Permit Survey clarifies the existing features of the site and indicates where the proposed improvements (such as the building and parking areas) will be located.


Using highly specialized mapping equipment consisting of computers, digitizers, stereo instruments, and automated plotters to acquire and process photogrammetric data from controlled aerial photo graphics for the preparation of maps and related products.

As-Built Plans

As-Built Plans are pretty much what the name implies: The drawing details structures, other improvements to the site, topography (if required), and pertinent features of the property.

Hydrographic Surveying

Determining water depth, sea floor and sub-sea floor conditions at specified areas or along specified routes. This work requires both cartographic and electronic support.

Survey System Analysis

Developing computer system solution for specific survey related applications regarding preparing of different reports on computer etc.