We represent the future of the construction

Who We Are

Sky Dimensions Survey Establishment is a full service land surveying company, which is providing its services to the public, private and commercial sectors in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are specialists in the field of conslting surveying and mapping services. This is 100% Saudi Arab Ownership Company. Mr. Rashad Shaboor is owner of the company.
Route Surveying
Geodetic Control
As-Built Plan
Hydrographic Survey
Secondary Control
We represent the future of the construction

Our Specialization & Services

Construction Surveying

Measurements taken while construction is in progress. Control elevation, horizontal position, dimensions, configuration, as built data for project verification and essential dimensions for computing construction pay quantities.

Boundary Retracement

Boundary surveys are used for locating lines and corners of tracts of land as per deed description in addition to locating improvement, easements, building lines, and encroachments found on the subject property.

Construction Layout

Construction layout & staking involves locating proposed improvements on a building site. Information from the project plans are transferred to a data collector, where it is taken to the field. The project is then laid out in full scale.

Topographic Surveying

Determining the configuration (relief) of the surface of the earth (ground) and the location of natural and artificial objects thereon.

Drafting Using CAD

Compilation and preparation of survey maps and engineering drawings using both manual and auto-mated methods.

Route Surveying

Locate, design and survey construction of roads, railroads, canals, pipelines, transmission lines or other linear facilities

What We Do

Our highly trained surveyors and staff are experienced in a wide variety of projects utilizing the latest CAD systems and design software . As a growing firm, progressive thinking is encouraged and f ostered within the interactive work environment. Sky Dimensions Establishment handles survey projects of all sizes. Large or small, our team is equally commited to completing each with the same passion maintainning the same degree of professionalism.

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